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What Health Benefits Does NIR Light Support?

The boost of cellular energy created through NIR therapy has various health benefits.

Lowering Inflammation

Through NIR, the body’s inflammatory response gains more cellular energy and temporarily widens blood vessels to cleanse and repair tissue impacted by the adverse health effects of inflammation. A moderate amount of inflammation is a natural body process that helps heal, but our modern world contributes to a continuous inflammation that results in health problems. NIR supports better health and wellness by helping to reduce inflammation naturally.

Improving the Skin

NIR therapy can stimulate renewal and healing of the skin. By boosting the cellular energy, NIR contributes to more elastin and collagen that support healthy skin.. This therapy promotes good skin texture, heals skin, combats fine lines and wrinkles, and improves skin elasticity.

Healing Injury

NIR supports injury recovery for a range of problems, from sore muscles and acute injuries to repetitive conditions. People who exercise can use this light therapy after a workout to promote healing and repair minor muscle and tissue concerns. At the same time, it can also be used as therapy for injury.

Targeted & Full-Body NIR

Near-infrared therapy can be used in a targeted application such as facial skin or an ankle injury. It can also be used as a full-body light therapy treatment, targeting the entire body at once to promote maximum cellular production and transportation, thus supporting healing and optimal wellness throughout the body. A full body light room will provide NIR therapy to the entire body in each session.

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The groundwork for Urban Wellness began when I (Terri Carrigan) was diagnosed with Lyme Disease a few years ago. After hours and hours of research, as well as trial and error (and spending too much money before we discovered what does work), We finally have a plan that has worked very well for me.

We started out by setting aside one room for me at the gym (Urban Survival Fitness & Wellness). We designed and equipped it to be conducive to healing with a RIFE Frequency Machine and an Ionic Detox Foot Bath– it was essentially for my personal use – a Sanctuary for my healing.

Through our extensive research we discovered a number of people who were experiencing amazing results from all kinds of chronic illness through Near Infrared (NIR) Light Therapy. The cost of going to a Med Spa was not only prohibitive, after learning everything we could about light therapy, and the different modalities, and months more research, we realized that not everyone had the correct wavelengths, or nanometers and few could really answer the questions that were important to us. So, Jeffrey decided to build the perfect NIR Therapy Room at the Urban Survival Fitness & Wellness. This too was for my personal use and I experienced amazing results. Now that I am in good health, we have decided we want to share the treatments with others who will benefit.

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