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Qualified security officers help your event run smoothly.

Need ongoing security? Contract with Urban Security and Protection Group for the best in the business.

Choose the level of security to fit your needs.

At Urban Security and Protection Group, we offer highly trained guards to protect your valuable assets, including your people. Our reputation as a top Denver security company comes from several decades of treating each client like family. Your safety and security are our most important business. Being locally owned and operated gives our Denver clients superior flexibility.

National security companies do not have the same ability to tailor services to meet the client needs. We nurture every client relationship and aim for complete client satisfaction. You will have peace of mind knowing that you have hired the security company that sets the bar for the rest.

The highly trained security officers will:

• Protect your assets
• Create a sense of safety
• Conform to your company image
• Manage entrance and egress access
• Patrol the site regularly, or irregularly, depending on your needs
• De-escalate conflicts among individuals
• Stay alert for a variety of potential problems
• Maintain calm in stressful situations
• Deter theft, vandalism and corporate espionage
• Anticipate and reduce potential security breaches
• Escort individuals off the premises
• Generate reports of hazards and unusual activities
• Monitor closed caption television, CCTV
• Interact with the public when appropriate
• Adhere to a strict code of ethics
• Recognize hazardous materials

Urban Security and Protection Group officers complete extensive training and evaluation. Our highly trained management continues to monitor the effectiveness and quality of security at each location. The ongoing training equips security guards to act quickly and authoritatively in the event of:

  • A burglary
  • Fighting
  • Disorderly Conduct
  • A Threatening Individual
  • A Fire Hazard

Contracting with Urban Security and Protection Group has many benefits over managing in-house security. Benefits of contracting security include:

  • Generally less expensive
  • Better security coverage
  • Eliminates wasting resources and time
  • Reduces liability
  • Packages include insurance, equipment, and highly trained professionals
  • Support from a knowledgeable management team

If you currently staff your own security guards, Urban Security and Protection Group makes every effort to retain and train them to our high standards. Your loyal employees will most likely keep their job and enjoy a high level of job satisfaction. Changing your security company does not have to be difficult. The Urban Security and Protection Group Team works to minimize disruption and maximize productivity and
security. We start with a complete needs assessment and then implement a well- designed implementation plan.

Let Urban Security and Protection Group focus on your safety and protecting your valuable assets, so you can focus on your core business.
Whether you need security one time or on an ongoing basis, Urban Security and Protection Group is the Denver security company to meet your needs.

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