The Urban Group

Security & Protection

Urban Security and Protection Group, a locally owned Denver security company, offers top notch, tailor-made services for events and long term contracts. Specializing in asset protection, de-escalation, and risk reduction, our trained officers focus on client satisfaction, safety, and peace of mind, all backed by knowledgeable management.


Urban Security and Protection Group offers a comprehensive new security guard licensing course in Denver. This course covers licensing necessities, vital duties, essential skills, and an understanding of law enforcement interaction and use of force.

Additionally, we provide a thorough refresher course for security guards renewing their licenses, ensuring continued professionalism and adherence to regulations

Health & Wellness

Urban Survival Fitness combines diverse workout styles, including martial arts and dance, with wellness treatments like near-infrared light therapy, essential oil applications, Rife frequency treatments, and ionic detox footbaths, for a comprehensive approach to fitness and wellbeing.

Urban Conscious Living

Through the Urban Conscious Living program, pressing issues like youth gang involvement and suicide in NE Denver are tackled head-on, working in collaboration with numerous organizations. In addition, engaging events like the Urban Wine & Chocolate Run Denver are hosted, featuring fun-filled activities, all while directly benefiting underprivileged children in the local community. This blend of critical social services and community engagement contributes significantly to the overall wellbeing and prosperity of the NE Denver communities.

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