Urban Conscious Living

Urban Conscious Living emerged from a combination of programs with a strong legacy of providing youth an outlet for their creative expression. Through the years, our program developed with the mission of working with various organizations such as Colorado Youth at Risk, Denver Kids, Safe City, courts, gang resistance programs, schools and youth detention centers.

Urban Conscious Living was formed to address the very serious issues that are of great concern in the NE Denver communities (including but not limited to Park Hill, Eastside, Five Points, Montebello and the NE Metro Denver area) such as gang involvement, youth suicide, high school drop-out rates, childhood obesity and related health issues.

Through our partnerships and parental outreach efforts, we have established a sizable audience of both parents and students who are interested in adopting healthier lifestyles and making better life choices in order to be competitive in today’s world.

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No matter the challenges you or your community face, Urban Conscious Living is committed to guiding and supporting you every step of the way.

Together, let’s embrace the journey towards healthier lifestyles, better life choices, and a brighter future. Join us in creating a resilient, conscious community today!